When are the assessment fees due?
The association assessment fees are due annually on January 1.  A specific portion of them are due on or before January 31, a 10% late fee will be applied if not paid on or before that date.  Additional amounts are due March 1.  Please consult your account online on this site or with the Association Manager if you have specific questions about amounts due, dates due, etc.

Who do I call if there is an emergency?
Emergency situations include fire, clubhouse rental lockout, pool or tennis court light malfunction, etc.  You may call our office at 770-777-6890. Leave a detailed message with your community name, phone number and extent of damage.You will be contacted as soon as possible by a licensed AMG manager.

Where are most of the forms I need?
Some pages will have a link to a document used only on that page.  For all long-term/general documents, please consult the Document Library found on the Resources menu.  

How can I make a recommendation?
Login (or Register for access here ) and use the Resident Question screen under the Contact Us menu option.